Friday, January 31, 2014

To err is human

To err is human we say

Let’s make errors…

Let’s be erroneous to the point of no return,

For what is stopping us but a little law,

A conscious of sorts that is judgmental

A louder voice that speaks in a commanding tone

It forbids and it allows and it wears us down with guilt

And we ear and we follow obedient to dictation

Until we stop listening

And then we blame our governments and our religion,

We warn our children and we point violent fingers,

When it was us all along…

If only we had continued listening to that voice

The voice of caution and the voice of reason

All it took was a little attention

But blame we will truly and surely

And we will take it to our grave

When our children stand above us

With heavy hearts and watery eyes,

And as they pray for our soul…they will raise their fingers one last time

To point… to blame… to owe it all

To the government,

To the world

And to the guy above